The student could solve the mathematical problem when they apply the suitable formula to solve it. Even it was a difficult problem also the student could find the answer for it if they solved using the exact formula to solve it. Similarly, people who are playing the games in the casino house also could win the game only when they apply the formula according to the game phases. Also during the difficult stage of the game also the player could be a winner if they applied the right strategy to play it. The player could not be a victor of the game all of a sudden when the game starts. The player could be the victor when they played well throughout all the stages of the game by applying the valuable tricks to win the game.

Even the game will end in few seconds also, to gain profits by wagering on the profit-making point the player has to learn the tricks to find the right point of the game to wager. The tricks of the game will vary according to the theme of the game. If the player’s choice is a risky game that has to be played for a long time then the player has to learn the trick to handle the different phases of that complicated game.

Thus by learning the tricks to handle the different stages, the player can increase the chance of winning and be the game victor easily. But if the player choice is a simple game that will end in a short period then the player should learn the trick suitable to win that game and to find the point to wager for yielding a higher amount of profits. Hence according to the choice of the player, the skills need to learn will vary. So if the player decided to play the casino game for earning more money profits or to enjoy more by winning more games, then they have to learn the tricks according to the game they have selected to play.

In the casino house, there will be both expert players and beginners will exist. Even the expert also lose the game if they applied the wrong formula to play the game. Hence the beginner also could win more games while applying the right formula to win the game. Thus the player may be an expert or a beginner, but the player could win the games only when they apply the right formula to play and win.